Tracey J. Hambleton, Plein Air Painter (and Innkeeper!)

In November, 2010 a trip to Provincetown inspired me to dig my paints out of storage and begin again. Four days of heavy wind and rain kept me inside, but the big sliding porch door allowed me a wonderful view of some scrub pine, desolate patio furniture and the storm-tossed expanse of surf and sky. At the end of the trip, I was hooked on the experience of painting— in particular, plein aire painting.

Back home in Vermont the shifting light and ever-changing colors of meadow and mountain continue to woo me to my palette and paints. For most of the year I take a small tripod-mounted easel and my painting supplies outside. Many times I paint and re-paint the familiar views from my own property. Every painting is a new experience and I learn to see the the ebb and flow of the natural world that is right around me every day.

This past winter I continued to paint, this time from inside looking out at my view of the Winooski River Valley. I also experimented with some still life painting. I discovered that the more I paint the more I want to paint!

My work continues to evolve and with each season I try to capture on canvas brief moments of light, color and movement—inside and out.